JamarGig teams with Industry Auditions

JamarGig are delighted to be teaming with Industry Auditions to provide JamarGig customers with the simple ability to post their audition rounds to Industry Auditions directly from the JamarGig Talent Management portal. Posts to Industry Auditions can be pre-filled with round and project descriptions, dates, roles to be filled, locations and more. Posts can be […]

Why does Casting need a Talent Relationship Management System?

Most of us understand what a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is. Organizations such as Salesforce and HubSpot immediately spring to mind when we think of CRM vendors. CRM systems are critical solutions for the management and tracking of customers and any sales or marketing activities in order to convert leads and prospects to real […]

Ditch Email Casting Calls: Here’s a Smarter Way

Are you still using email for casting calls? If so, it’s time for a reality check. Email casting calls might have been the norm a decade ago, but today they are a recipe for inefficiency and frustration. Let’s dive into why sticking with email is a major mistake and explore a smarter, more streamlined way […]

The Value of Always-On Casting: Revolutionizing Talent Engagement

Ask any savvy HR Manager and they will tell you that they always keep a steady pipeline of potential candidate profiles for roles they may need to fill in the future. It means when the business has a need, the time to fulfill that role with a suitable candidate is significantly reduced and with higher […]

New JamarGig Features

We are excited to announce another round of great features have just been released for JamarGig to further streamline your talent and audition management. See a list of some of our enhancements in the latest release below: CircusTalk Integration v1   We have completed our first phase of integration with CircusTalk. This release allows for […]

2024 Oscars Review

The 96th Academy Awards showcased a triumphant night for “Oppenheimer,” which led the pack with a total of 13 nominations and clinched the most Oscars, securing seven wins. These wins included prestigious categories such as Best Picture, Best Director for Christopher Nolan, Best Actor for Cillian Murphy, as well as awards for Cinematography, Editing, and […]

JamarGig Celebrates the Stars of Casting at the 39th Artios Awards

At the 39th Artios Awards, celebrated achievements in casting across films, television, and theater were honored in a grand affair that spanned three ceremonies across two continents. Esteemed winners in the film category included notable titles such as “Killers of the Flower Moon,” “The Holdovers,” “Past Lives,” and “Barbie,” showcasing the diverse and exceptional talent […]

It’s About Time: The Long-Awaited Recognition of Casting in the Academy Awards

The Academy Awards, a pinnacle of cinematic excellence, has long celebrated the myriad facets of filmmaking, from the glitz of acting to the precision of directing. Yet, for all its diversity in categories, a glaring omission has persisted: the recognition of casting. This oversight is finally set to be corrected with the introduction of a […]


The Lord Mayor’s Christmas Carols Case Study Background: The Little Red Company (TLRC), a production company in Brisbane, Australia, produces the popular Lord Mayor’s Christmas Carols show with 7,000 attendees and 1,000,000 broadcast viewers annually. Handling over 700 applicants for 150 roles posed significant challenges in their talent casting process. Challenges Faced: TLRC were using […]

2024 Oscar Nominees!

The 2024 Oscar nominations featured a historic nod for Lily Gladstone, a dominant 13 nominations for ‘Oppenheimer’, and 11 for ‘Poor Things’. Bradley Cooper received three nominations, increasing his lifetime total to 12, but both he and Greta Gerwig were overlooked for the Best Director category. Announced by Zazie Beetz and Jack Quaid at the […]