Why does Casting need a Talent Relationship Management System?

Most of us understand what a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is. Organizations such as Salesforce and Hubspot immediately spring to mind when we think of CRM vendors.

CRM systems are critical solutions for the management and tracking of customers and any sales or marketing activities in order to convert leads and prospects to real paying customers.

However one thing they are NOT are Talent Relationship Management (TRM) systems. TRM’s help organizations manage the relationship with prospective talent they would like to hire or represent.

TRM’s are sometimes confused with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) which are more focused with the application, assessment and onboarding process. While they share many similarities, ATS’s do not typically manage the ongoing relationship with prospective talent. This is generally not a problem for companies in sectors such as technology, finance, manufacturing and the like. However the Entertainment industry is a little different. 

Entertainment organizations are in the business of providing experiences through the talent they employ. The experiences they provide evolve with the changing expectations of their audience and so does the talent they need to deliver these evolving experiences.

Entertainment based organizations continually need to re-cast and re-engage with their talent pool. Talent can be hired and rehired in the future. The roles can be transient so you need to be keeping a record of how talent have performed in previous auditions or castings. Performers also continue to hone and redevelop their skills over time. 

Often, many of the same performers reapply for different roles and having an up to date database of their latest skills, experience and education is critical to continue to evolve the experiences Entertainment companies provide.

Unlike CRM and ATS systems, TRM solutions also need to be very visual in their capabilities. This means rich media such as video, photography and even sound are required to make the right decisions. 

This is why TRM systems need to provide an easy and delightful experience for talent to manage and keep their profile up to date. Information such as skills, up to date experience and credits, latest performance videos, photo shoots or resume files should be able to be continually updated by the talent. 

JamarGig is what we refer to as a TRM system. It provides talent with a company branded talent portal where they can manage their profile and receive up to date communications from the talent company or agency. Talent can also apply or be invited to productions and can keep track of their applications in one place.

On the talent management side companies can search, filter and communicate with talent from their own private talent database. Talent profiles can also be enriched with notes, internal skills assessments, previous assessment scores, decisions and a full audit of communications.

Companies can also create fully managed application processes through audition rounds, assessments and internal collaboration with other assessors. Talent can also be shared with production teams or clients to ensure the right talent is selected for the roles.

So if you are a company working in the entertainment industry and you are either using CRM’s, ATS’s, custom database tools like Airtable, Filemaker or even just plain old Excel or email to manage talent, then do yourself a favor and check out what a TRM solution like JamarGig can do for you.

To learn more about JamarGig go to https://jamargig.com/solution or contact us at https://jamargig.com/contact-us

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