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You will never have to change the link to your personal profile website again. Using your own profile website, you can provide one link to all your audition or job applications and everything you need to present yourself in the best possible light is there!

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Create a professional profile website

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Video, PDF, Image and audio player included

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A single link to all your social pages

Many performers, actors, creators and influencers have a multitude of social accounts that contain a plethora of information that demonstrate your performance skills and content creation abilities. 

However remembering to provide all these links to prospective employers or agents can be a pain.

Now, you will never have to remember to provide your links to all your social accounts ever again! Using JamarGig Profile, all your social links can be included in one central location from one single link.

Highlight important social an web links on your home page and include everything from popular social accounts to industry specific sites such as IMDb


don't compete for attention

JamarGig Profile is not like other online talent databases such as Backstage, StarNow or Casting Networks. 

Your public profile website stands alone and includes your own private link. From your profile page there is no link to a public talent search database to divert prospective employers to other competing profiles.

There is no registration, login or gates to put you between employers and your next gig.

Your JamarGig Profile website is focused on you and nobody else!

simple to use portal

JamarGig Profile provides a simple profile builder. No complicated website development tools or design skills required.

Just enter the information into your profile including contact information, skills, appearance information, past experience, education, representatives and more.

You also get your own private media library so you can upload profile photo’s, videos, pdf documents for resumes and even sound files.

Then all you need to do is select which information is to be publicly accessible in your portfolio website, select the template and publish. It is that simple!

Common Questions

JamarGig Profile is absolutely free. In return we would just love for you to share JamarGig Profile with fellow artists to support our growing community.

We would also appreciate your feedback on how valuable you find the solution and any things you would like to see in the future for the product. 

Absolutely not. This is not a public database where casting directors and employers need to create an account and login to see your profile (and everyone else’s profile).

This is all about you so just think of it like a public website. You can share to anybody, no account creation, no login, no strings attached.

Yes, you can enter as much information into your profile as you need however only information that you set as public will be displayed when you publish your profile website.

No. Your talent portal and the profile website includes a free viewer that will natively allow you to view photo’s, videos, pdf documents and sound files without having to use a separate viewer.

Yes, there is a hard limit of 1GB of media storage. However to save space you can use YouTube and Vimeo Links for your video and sound files instead of uploading them to your library. The best thing is the linked videos will appear like they have been uploaded in your media library.

Your profile website includes a contact form that can be completed by interested parties. The JamarGig system will then send an email to you and include the notification in your JamarGig Talent Portal. You can even set it so requests are cc’d to your agent.

Well just about anybody! You could be a dancer, singer, actor, creator/influencer or even someone who is not related to the entertainment industry but where media is important to show off your experience and skills.

It is really simple. Just click here

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