The Lord Mayor’s Christmas Carols Case Study


The Little Red Company (TLRC), a production company in Brisbane, Australia, produces the popular Lord Mayor’s Christmas Carols show with 7,000 attendees and 1,000,000 broadcast viewers annually. Handling over 700 applicants for 150 roles posed significant challenges in their talent casting process.

Challenges Faced:

TLRC were using electronic forms such as Google forms and web forms to collect applications. They faced large amounts of information that had to be manually managed through excel spreadsheets throughout the different stages of the casting process.

They also relied on physical printouts which made data entry tasks time-consuming and prone to errors.
They needed a solution that would streamline the application and casting process, eliminate manual processes and retain all applicant information. So they began the search for a
replacement solution.

Solution – JamarGig:

JamarGig offered an easy-to-use platform, eliminating many manual tasks, saving time and retaining all applicant information. The support team provided prompt assistance and helped The Little Red Company make the most of the platform’s features.

Overall Quality and Performance:

JamarGig’s seamless integration with branding and high-quality performance exceeded expectations, meeting all the company’s needs effectively.

Impressed by JamarGig’s capabilities, The Little Red Company wholeheartedly recommended it to others, especially for managing large talent pools.


“JamarGig transformed our talent management for this significant event.
They provided a central and efficient tool with our brand on all talent correspondence.”


Angela Ponting,
Company Manager


Positive Impact:

JamarGig helped make the talent application process digital and seamless. Comprehensive features allowed efficient applicant filtering and audition management.

Valuable Features:

The grid view and user-friendly interface proved highly valuable. Customization options helped incorporate branding, enhancing the applicant experience and reinforcing company identity.
Additionally JamarGig allowed The Little Red Company to keep a full roster of all the talent they assessed. This means the time saving to satisfy future events will create a real differentiator to their business.

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