Ditch Email Casting Calls: Here’s a Smarter Way

Are you still using email for casting calls? If so, it’s time for a reality check. Email casting calls might have been the norm a decade ago, but today they are a recipe for inefficiency and frustration. Let’s dive into why sticking with email is a major mistake and explore a smarter, more streamlined way to handle casting calls with JamarGig.

The Pitfalls of Email Casting Calls

Email casting calls are like throwing a wide net into the ocean – you never know what you’ll catch. Many applicants won’t meet your criteria and you’ll spend countless hours sorting through unsuitable candidates. Your inbox becomes a dumping ground for irrelevant messages, spam, and promotions, making it hard to focus on genuine applications. Automated bots love email addresses, flooding your inbox with fake applications and irrelevant messages, adding to the chaos.

How many times have you received an email application missing crucial information? The back-and-forth to gather missing details is a huge time sink. Juggling various attachments in different formats is a headache, with important information getting lost and compatibility issues arising. Plus, attachments can harbor malware and viruses, posing a significant risk to your computer and data security.

The email process can be frustrating for applicants, and a clunky, outdated system may deter top talent from applying. Large email attachments can quickly fill up your inbox, leading to delays and potential loss of important emails.

Emails are notoriously hard to search and organize, making it a nightmare to find specific applications or track past candidates. Manually handling and organizing applications is labor-intensive, pulling you away from more important tasks.

With so many applications to handle, the risk of errors and mismanagement is high, and you might miss out on great talent because of an oversight. Overall, sorting, assessing, and responding to email applications takes up an enormous amount of time, reducing your productivity.

If you do manage to find potential candidates the follow on work to then collate the information in an organized fashion to allow assessment and management of auditions is nothing short of an administration nightmare.

The Smarter Way with JamarGig

Ready for a game-changer? JamarGig can revolutionize your casting call process, eliminating the headaches of email and making your life a whole lot easier.

Talent submit their applications in a predesigned format, ensuring you get all the necessary information right off the bat, eliminating the need to chase down details. Your brand shines on the application portal, creating a professional and cohesive experience for applicants. With JamarGig, talent applicants build your database with all relevant content, and you can easily assess applications using the inline viewer without dealing with external attachments or multiple tools.


All images and multimedia are hosted within the platform, allowing you to hover to view content without jumping in and out of different applications. Efficiently sort and assess applications using built-in tools, quickly identifying the best candidates and moving them through the selection process seamlessly. Share applications with your team and make decisions collaboratively, all from within the platform. Better communication means better outcomes.

Communicate directly with applicants through the platform, keeping all interactions organized in one place. This enhances the candidate experience and ensures timely responses. JamarGig automates and streamlines the casting call process, saving you a significant amount of time and allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Build a comprehensive database of talent that you can tap into for future projects, ensuring you always have access to a pool of qualified candidates. JamarGig can be an always-on tool, ready to handle casting calls and applications anytime, providing flexibility and convenience at your fingertips.

Switching to JamarGig for your casting calls not only boosts efficiency and security but also enhances the overall experience for both you and the applicants. Embrace the smarter way and transform your casting process today.


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