About JamarGig

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JamarGig ( Jam · R · Gig ) is developed by the coming together of a team of Casting Directors, Performing Artists and Technologists to create the worlds first truely all encompassing Talent relationship and Audition Management solution.

Our Leadership Team

JamarGig was born out of the frustration and passion of four individuals who have witnessed first hand the challenges faced by the entertainment industry and the opportunities that exist to do it better.

Rick Tjia

Rick Tjia


Rick is a world renowned dancer, choreographer, and casting director for dancers, actors, musicians, and singers. Rick was also choreographer for Cirque du Soleil. Rick’s extensive knowledge and experience provide JamarGig with the designs and insights to address key problems in the entertainment industry.

Angela Calo

Angela Calo


Angela has been a performer since the age of 3. Angela was head performer for Caribbean Cruises for over 10 years and starred in performances from TV series, production movies and theatre. Angela played leading roles in productions such as Chicago, Cats and many more.

Jegan Sivanesan

Jegan Sivenasan


Jegan has been a technology leader for over 16 years in organizations such as Outsystems, Deloitte, Shibumi, and OpenText. Jegan’s technology leadership provides the SaaS technology platform capabilities to power JamarGig.

Andrew Busuttil

Andrew Busuttil


Andrew has been involved delivering leading edge technologies for over 30 years. He has held leadership roles in development, product management, professional services and software sales. Andrew has extensive experience in content and business operational management.

Happy performer

Our Mission is to be Socially Responsible

We believe that everyone deserves a fair go! It is many people’s dream to be a successful entertainer however less than 1% of performers ever really fulfil their dream.

An overwhelmingly large number of artists make less money each year than the poverty line income and often do not know where their next gig will come from.

That’s why we have made it our mission to help performers live the everyday life of a freelance entertainer. We are focused on ensuring casting companies have the tools available to not only seamlessly keep talent informed of their audition progress but also to provide recommendations so talent can improve their craft and increase their chances of getting that next role even if they are not successful.