New JamarGig Features

We are excited to announce another round of great features have just been released for JamarGig to further streamline your talent and audition management.

See a list of some of our enhancements in the latest release below:

CircusTalk Integration v1


We have completed our first phase of integration with CircusTalk. This release allows for the seamless posting and management of round auditions to CircusTalk directly from within your JamarGig talent management portal. Using our channel manager you can select to post, edit and delete audition posts.

Agent communication

Now when talent specify who their representative agent(s) are they can specify to include them on all communication.
This means any communication sent to the talent will automatically send the communication also to their specified agent.

Easy talent export

We have now added the ability to simply export talent information directly from talent tables.
All you need to do is select the fields and filtered talent you would like exported and then select the export button. All information for the filtered talent will then be exported in a spreadsheet format immediately.

Cast list field and media selector

You can now easily select the fields and media for selected talent that is to be included in your cast list and shared with clients.
You can even select individual media per talent so you can only show the media that best represents each casted talent.

NDA support for sensitive material

When you supply scripts, choreographed routines or any other material that may be of a sensitive nature through JamarGig an NDA gateway can be added forcing talent to accept your Non-disclosure terms before allowing talent to access the material.

Demo talent and projects

JamarGig now includes the ability to create demonstration/test talent and projects to allow you to play around with sample talent profiles and project auditions so you can see all interactions without having to create real projects or talent.
This is great for training or testing the solution before you go live.

The latest release also includes a bunch of bug fixes and minor improvements such as increased support for video file formats, performance improvements and more.

If you are currently using JamarGig, your platform will be automatically upgraded. Just refresh your browser to instantly see these and other great features.

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