JamarGig teams with Industry Auditions

JamarGig are delighted to be teaming with Industry Auditions to provide JamarGig customers with the simple ability to post their audition rounds to Industry Auditions directly from the JamarGig Talent Management portal.

Posts to Industry Auditions can be pre-filled with round and project descriptions, dates, roles to be filled, locations and more.

Posts can be created, updated and deleted with these requests all automatically being posted to the Industry Auditions review process.

By leveraging JamarGig and Industry Auditions together means thousands of talent will have instant access and visibility of JamarGig projects and be able to directly submit to interested opportunities.

Then using the power of JamarGig candidates can be reviewed and assessed through the JamarGig casting process, while capturing a full history of all assessments and interactions. 

To find out more contact us at https://jamargig.com/contact-us

To find out more about Industry Auditions please visit https://industryauditions.com/

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