A Tribute to Franco Dragone

Rick Tjia, Co-Founder of JamarGig and ex Cirque du Soleil was recently published in Dance Informa magazine.

Outlined below is a summary of his interesting article of his experience working with the world famous,  Franco Dragone.

The article pays tribute to Franco Dragone, a visionary in multidisciplinary non-verbal theater, renowned for his ground breaking work with Cirque du Soleil and his own company, Dragone.

Dragone’s passing in 2022 left a void in the industry, prompting reflections on his unique approach to casting and creating characters. Unlike traditional methods reliant on scripts and character breakdowns, Dragone sought performers based on their authentic personalities rather than predetermined roles. His process involved shaping characters around the distinctive qualities of individual cast members, fostering an emotional connection between performers and roles.

Filippo Ferraresi, Dragone’s successor, shared insights into Dragone’s methodology, emphasizing his ability to perceive the essence of talent and capture innovative trends.

Dragone’s casting involved workshops where roles weren’t assigned beforehand, allowing him to shape characters based on the performers’ unique traits. Music played a pivotal role, influencing both character development and show compositions. Dragone’s attention to movement and collaboration with costume designers reflected his belief that character emerged from the collision between a costume and a body in motion.

Gilles Ste-Croix, one of Cirque du Soleil’s founders and a collaborator of Dragone, highlighted the organic, collaborative nature of their creative process. The article underlines Dragone’s legacy as an unforgettable creator whose work resonates due to its emotional depth and the unforgettable characters he crafted. For those who had the privilege to work with him, Dragone’s impact remains an indelible memory, akin to experiencing something truly unique and profound.


To read the full article, please visit: https://www.danceinforma.com/2023/11/27/unforgettable-casting-and-creating-with-the-late-franco-dragone/

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