“Ai Is Going To Take My Job Away Soon!”

“Ai Is Going To Take My Job Away Soon!” Exclaimed one #castingdirector during a demo highlighting JamarGig’s ability to automate manual data entry.
Don’t run for the hills just yet, I have good news for you: the live entertainment industry is actually being boosted by the wide-spread adoption of AI. I’ll tell you why.


Our industry revolves around a basic human need that will never, not even in your worst dystopian nightmare, ever go away. Human contact and human creativity will now become priceless commodities in the face of oversaturated AI content experiences. Post pandemic data shows an increased demand for live, shared experiences with others. The question really is: how will casting directors keep up with increasing demand?

What #castingdirectors need right now is a digital assistant to do all the busy work for them. This is the role AI will eventually serve.

JamarGig is not #ai automated, at least not yet. However, it is a streamline way for casting coordinators to process artists in the casting funnel—all in one place. This won’t eliminate our jobs; quite the contrary, this type of tech innovation frees us to do our jobs better.

I’ve seen companies hire talented industry professionals just to have them build spreadsheets and manage shared drives. With JamarGig, they can instead use their industry expertise and bring talent to clients quickly. This allows companies to take on more clients, cast more events, and hire more artists—all by 6 p.m., so we can go home to our families.

That’s the beauty of socially responsible digital solutions like JamarGig.

While technology has allowed us to cast online, it’s also buried us in digital paperwork.

Without systems like JamarGig, hours of our time are wasted on data entry, file formatting, and media downloading. We can’t continue like this if we need to achieve quotas or focus on inclusion objectives.

Tech innovation in the #entertainmentindustry like JamarGig makes room for meeting our social responsibility and ethical casting values, in addition to bottom lines.

So the next time AI buzz words feel threatening, take a breathe and know live entertainment is becoming all the more valuable and appreciated. (And your job has been made made easier by JamarGig)


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