Casting in the Age of the Cloud, Episode 6: The Ballad of the Overkill

(2023 update: original article published May 5, 2022)  By now I hope we all have understood that, with respect to casting in the age of the Cloud, video is king.  Nothing will ever replace a live audition, but even live auditions today will often be immortalized in video.  Video has become an essential tool in […]

Casting in the Age of the Cloud, Episode 5: Cut to the Chase

(2023 update: original article published Dec 3, 2021)  There was a time, years ago, when a friend (a cellist by profession), had to go on unemployment at the end of a long term contract (as those of us in the performing arts are wont to do from time to time).  It is an unfortunate norm […]

Auditioning for your next Acting role

Acting auditions can be nerve-wracking, especially if you are competing against many other performers for a limited number of roles. However, with the right preparation and mindset, you can increase your chances of success and stand out in the audition process. Here are some tips to help you be successful in acting auditions: 1. Research […]

Casting in the Age of the Cloud, Episode 4: The Visibility Conundrum

In a conversation I had with a choreographer friend of mine several months ago, she said, “There are so many dancers I know who want to be seen by you!” (obviously we were talking about auditions).  The statement would suggest that there are a lot of dancers looking for opportunities, and this in itself is not […]

Casting in the Age of the Cloud, Episode 3: Video Manipulation

The clouds

(2023 update: original article published August 31, 2020)  When I originally planned the electricity renovations in my house many years ago, I originally had a future in mind where one day I would have a video editing suite in the house where I could edit professional video someday at home.  At the time, that idea involved […]

Casting in the Age of the Cloud, Episode 1: Eponym

(2023 update: original article published June 1st, 2020)  I will be honest with you: I hate Top Ten lists. I hate them because they often end up being a cheap way of avoiding the need for writing skills.  If one publishes a list of things that are interesting enough in their own right, then one […]

Introducing JamarGig

JamarGig Casting and Talent

We are so excited to be releasing JamarGig – “Jam · R · Gig” shortly which will revolutionize how casting/auditions are managed both online and live. But before describing what we are releasing I thought it would be worthwhile explaining why we are doing this and how this came about. As the CEO and founder […]