The Price of Free Tools

Uncovering the Hidden Expenses in Your Workflow Discover the value of owning and controlling a personal talent database in the casting industry. Casting directors are the unsung heroes of the entertainment industry, meticulously matching talent with roles to create memorable performances. While their bustling offices should serve as the epicentre where creativity and passion seamlessly […]

Critics Choice Awards winners

Congratulations to all the exceptional 29th Critics Choice Awards winners! “Oppenheimer” dominated the 2024 Critics Choice Awards, securing eight victories, including best picture, best director (Christopher Nolan), and best supporting actor (Robert Downey Jr.). “Barbie” trailed closely with six wins, including best comedy and best song (“I’m Just Ken”). The awards ceremony brought surprises in […]

Congratulations to all the exceptional Screen Actors Guild nominees!

JamarGig would also like to recognize the casting and production teams that made these amazing shows come to life! FILM NOMINEES Motion Picture cast American FictionBarbieThe Color PurpleKillers of the Flower MoonOppenheimer Male Actor in a Leading Role — Motion Picture Bradley Cooper, MaestroColman Domingo, RustinPaul Giamatti, The HoldoversCillian Murphy, OppenheimerJeffrey Wright, American FictionFemale Actor […]

What is the cost of Disorganization?

An Examination of Business and Personal Consequences. Disorganization might seem like a minor nuisance, but the hidden costs can be substantial, both in the context of casting and within our personal lives. In this blog we will delve into the significant business and personal costs associated with disorganization and provide examples to illustrate the far-reaching […]

And the winner is….

81st Annual Golden Globe Awards winners: Congratulations to all the exceptional Golden Globe winners!!! A heartfelt shoutout goes to the outstanding Casting Teams whose brilliance shaped these incredible casts. Your dedication and talent truly shine through in these remarkable line-ups! How about in 2025 there is a Golden Globe Award for Casting?! Best film – […]

A Tribute to Franco Dragone

Rick Tjia, Co-Founder of JamarGig and ex Cirque du Soleil was recently published in Dance Informa magazine. Outlined below is a summary of his interesting article of his experience working with the world famous,  Franco Dragone. The article pays tribute to Franco Dragone, a visionary in multidisciplinary non-verbal theater, renowned for his ground breaking work […]

Casting Excellence In Action

As a casting director, navigating the talent discovery process presents its unique set of challenges. If you’re keen on an incredible story illustrating the trials of casting, take a moment to witness Rick’s, (JamarGig’s co-founder) remarkable casting story. Amidst vast distances, language barriers, time constraints and even a power outage, he delved into the formidable […]

The nominees for the 81st Annual Golden Globe Awards

Congratulations to all the exceptional Golden Globe nominees! A heartfelt shoutout goes to the outstanding Casting Teams whose brilliance shaped these incredible casts. Your dedication and talent truly shine through in this remarkable lineup! Further details can be fund here: The list of nominees are below: Best Motion Picture, Drama “Oppenheimer” (Universal Pictures)“Killers of […]

You Are Your Digital Brand

The Impact of Your Online Presence as a Casting Director. In today’s digital age, your online presence as a Casting Director and your company’s digital profile are paramount. More than ever, potential clients and talent look to the digital realm to evaluate your credibility, professionalism and authenticity. This article explores the importance of a well-constructed […]

Casting Directors – Unleash your Full Potential!

Our origins are from the technology, choreography and arts worlds. Our founders have created JamarGig to solve the real problems identified through the years of experience. Rick has over 20 years casting experience at organizations such as Cirque du Soleil. Angela has been a performer since the age of 3 and performed in TV, musicals […]