JamarGig pricing is designed to accommodate from the smallest independent casting company or talent agent to the largest of production companies

Casting selection

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For the cost of less than an hour of your time you can save days or weeks of effort using JamarGig!


Save 2 months subscription when billed annually!

100 Pack

$ 50 Monthly
(Billed $600 yearly)
  • 2 Users
  • 10GB Storage
  • 100 Profiles

250 Pack

$ 85 Monthly
(Billed $1020 yearly)
  • 2 Users
  • 20GB Storage
  • 250 Profiles

500 Pack

$ 105 Monthly
(Billed $1260 yearly)
  • 2 Users
  • 40GB Storage
  • 500 Profiles

1000 Pack

$ 140 Monthly
(Billed $1680 yearly)
  • 2 Users
  • 80GB Storage
  • 1000 Profiles

2000 Pack

$ 210 Monthly
(Billed $2520 yearly)
  • 2 Users
  • 160GB Storage
  • 2000 Profiles

4000 Pack

$ 310 Monthly
(Billed $3720 yearly)
  • 2 Users
  • 320GB Storage
  • 4000 Profiles

Overage on all plans:

– $2/mth per GB over Storage Allowance

– $36/mth per user over User Allowance

All prices are in USD

  • More Talent Profiles
  • More Users
  • More Storage
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Advanced Collaboration
  • and more….

Enterprise Plans

4000+ Profiles

Managing Reality or Extra roles? 

Contact us for specially designed plans.

Checkout our great features

Private Talent Database

Capture all your talents information including media, skills, appearance, measurements and much more. Best of all talent get their own talent portal where they can keep everything up to date. Then search for talent based on their profile or history to instantly narrow down lists, send messages or invite to auditions with a click of a button.


Send notifications to talent either in bulk or individually to provide updates, invite to auditions or even provide automated decision notifications. All notifications can be templated to save time and automatically personalise the message.


As part of your auditions create exportable reports based on cast lists, audition analytics and audition round results. You can even break down analytics based on gender, ethnicity so you have a view of the diversity of your auditions.

Transparent Updates

Provide a great experience for your talent by providing transparent updates of the progress of their application. Whether it has been successfully submitted, being assessed or if a decision has been made. With no effort from casting talent know where they stand. Most importantly updates are only provided once decisions are finalised.

Secure and Auditable

Keep all information including private talent profile data, messages, assessments, audition reels and more centrally secure. Keep an audit history of all interactions with talent and casting team members.

Native Media Support

Natively support video media, images, PDF documents and sound files. Also support VIMEO and YouTube links. All media is natively viewed within the application using native viewers, so no more downloading and using separate applications.


Create one off or long term projects. Projects can be as simple or as complex as required. Define team members, audition rounds, roles, questions to be asked and more. When you are ready publish for your talent to apply.


Every audition has roles that can be applied for or recommend for by the casting team. Define the skills required for each role and which team members you want to assess for each role. Talent can then apply for multiple roles in a single application saving time for casting and talent. Automatically assess talent against the skills or the role itself.

Branded Experience

We believe the branded experience with your talent should be about you not us. That is why you can brand both the talent and the casting portal using your own colors, logos and imagery in a few clicks. 

Collaborative Chat*

Directly create chat sessions with both casting and talent. Share information and collaborate in real time on talent regardless where you are. Communicate with talent, request additional information, including media files and any media files uploaded in chat are automatically stored within the talent’s profile.

Skills Assessments

Build a complete picture of your talents skills through assessments. The platform allows you to conduct ad-hoc assessments or assessment of skills related to roles as the talent move through auditions.

Audition Questions

With each audition configure which questions you would like talent to answer. Ask different questions depending on the audition round  and the roles the talent is applying. Create all sorts of questions including simple text, multi-choice, and even requests for specific types of media such as audition reels, profile photos and resumes.

Audition Rounds

Create private, public or invitation only audition rounds. Select team members who can assess the round and when the round is accepting submissions or conducting assessment. Automatically notify casting team members once assessment begins and when rounds close. 

Share cast lists

Once your auditions have completed, create your cast list and select the talent for each role and send the cast list for the production team or end client to review and approve. Keep things secure by ensuring only reviewers who have been assigned to the cast list can see and approve casted talent.

Templated Messaging

Create templated message to save time but also ensure messages to talent and casting team members are personalised. Need something even more personalised? No problem, also have the option to individually personalise each message before it goes out while still leveraging merge tags to automatically merge in the talent’s name, projects, roles and more.

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