Casting Directors – Unleash your Full Potential!

Our origins are from the technology, choreography and arts worlds. Our founders have created JamarGig to solve the real problems identified through the years of experience.

Rick has over 20 years casting experience at organizations such as Cirque du Soleil. Angela has been a performer since the age of 3 and performed in TV, musicals and cruise ship entertainment gigs and also founded Gig2Gig a digital audition management platform and precursor to JamarGig. Andrew’s technology background includes over 30 years in various technology roles from development to sales for digital content, workflow and marketing platforms. Leveraging the experience of our founders JamarGig was born to solve some significant challenges Casting Directors and Talent Managers face.

As we have grown we consistently hear Casting Directors and Talent agents express the same tough challenges.

However, one thing we have also observed is the hectic work practices employed means it is difficult to have time to consider doing things a better way. We often call this not being able to see the woods from the trees and at one point or another we all suffer from this.

Most Casting Directors we talk to work enormous hours and they thrive in the challenging environment. There are long work hours required to select the right talent. However we have observed a significant proportion of these hours are spent on unproductive administrative tasks rather than on what Casting Directors are good at, finding the right talent for the right role.

We have also noticed that the role of the Casting Director in some cases is not respected – in our view and we are sure in the view of Casting Directors – “The cast makes the show!”

So why is the Casting Director role not respected or recognized to the levels it should be?

We believe that the Casting Director role is so important, but so time consuming, that their voice is not heard in the wider entertainment community as they are flat out trying to deliver on the demands of their profession.

At JamarGig, we firmly believe in amplifying the voices of Casting Directors, recognizing the importance of their dedication to working with both emerging and seasoned talent and ensuring they consistently meet the demands of their assignments. It is also crucial to re-evaluate the fundamental tasks that Casting Directors perform day in and day out and assess what you are doing, and importantly asking,  can there be a better way?

It’s time to remove the tedious searching of data in disparate systems, it’s time to improve communication between you and your clients (both the producers and the talent).

Casting Directors – if you had more time, what would you do? If you could collect your talent, communications, store it in one place, have access to past auditions and media at the click of the button – what would you do? If you could send a shortlist of great talent that fits a role to your client in 10 minutes instead of 10 hours, how impressed would your client be?

We believe you would enjoy your work life more by having time to do what you love!

You would have a better relationship with your clients and you would have the time to scale your business by taking on more projects.

You would start to convert information into an asset that would grow over time. Importantly your business value would significantly increase because your knowledge and expertise would be collected and retained on a platform that is designed for you.

It’s about time the industry saw what you are truly capable of!

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