Casting Talent in the Cruise Industry

The Cruise Industry contributes over $150 Billion in economic activity every year and is expected to grow at a rate of 11.5% between 2024 and 2032! In 2024, 30 million passengers will take a cruise, served by approximately 360,000 crew members with 10% of all crew being directly employed in entertainment services. Over the years, […]

Timely Communication

Timing is everything and when you are dealing with talent, timely communication is crucial. Talent management is fast paced and staying ahead of the competition and securing the most sought-after talent is crucial. However, many casting and talent managers face a common challenge—effective and timely communication with their talent pool. The traditional methods of manual […]

Its time for a change!

Airbnb has transformed booking accommodation, Uber has transformed catching a cab, Grubhub transformed takeout’s. Isn’t it time you transformed how you run your Casting Business and Talent Agency with JamarGig? Transform your Casting Business and make your life easier.Forget about headshots and sign in sheets of paper. JamarGig is the answer. Check out what Angela […]


Waiting for feedback from an audition can be extremely stressful

Why is socially responsible casting so important for talent and casting directors? Have you been told things like this before? If so, you have probably spent some time in the entertainment industry. A multi-billion-dollar industry that provides content, enjoyment, information, and entertainment to citizens of the world. An industry that seems to be ever changing […]